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Objective & Functions



The objectives of ARAC are:
i. Coordinate the implementation of food safety risk assessment in ASEAN
ii. Strengthen the capacity on the risk assessment of AMS;
iii. Facilitate sharing of information and experiences on risk assessment;
iv. Provide a pool of qualified experts on risk assessment; and
v. Coordinate and communicate with relevant ASEAN Sectoral Bodies and collaborative partners.



The primary function of ARAC is to provide independent scientific opinion on food safety issues of common interest in ASEAN including during a crisis through pooling and utilising of scientific expertise across ASEAN.

It is envisaged that ARAC will be able to facilitate the exchange/sharing of information and experiences; develop complementary capabilities and capacities on food safety risk assessment through networking amongst AMS and international organisations and promote ASEAN common position on food safety issues.

All requests for scientific opinion or risk assessment on food safety by relevant ASEAN risk management bodies or Sectoral Bodies such as PFPWG will be submitted to ASEAN Sectoral Body on Food Safety, acting as the governing body of ARAC.


How ARAC Function




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