asean countries

Organisation Structure

ARAC is hosted in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia and will consist of three (3) components:

Scientific Committee

  • consist of one scientists from each AMS, will evaluate risk assessment requests;
  • provide general direction and coordination of risk assessment work of the Scientific Panel,

Scientific Panel

  • consist of qualified experts in the relevant field drawn from the ASEAN Risk Assessor database;
  • perform the risk assessment tasks as directed by the Scientific Committee on a need basis.

Secretariat of ARAC

  • consists of three (3) personnel provided by the Ministry of Health Malaysia;
  • provide the needed support for the efficient functioning of ARAC including the Scientific Committee and Scientific Panel.


In addition, ARAC with support of ASEAN Secretariat will act as a platform for regional and international networking with relevant sector and organisations including relevant ASEAN sectoral bodies, World Health Organisation, Food and Agriculture Organisation, European Union, European Food Safety Authority, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, etc.



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